Some Reasons to Get Your Dog Groomed,

Grooming your pet isn't just about having your dog look and smell nice for your dinner guests. Instead, it's about making your pet more comfortable, happy and healthy. Unkept fur and nails can be a total bummer for our pets. * Save Your Sofa from Hair and Dander. 
Groomers have the proper tools and training to thoroughly remove undercoat, loose hair and cleanse skin to decrease shedding and dander. * Make Your Pet More Comfortable. Groomers will properly remove matted hair, clean out waxy/hairy ears and trim long claws. When left unkept, these problems can lead to discomfort for your pet. * Protect Your Family's Health. Groomers may identify parasitic infestations such as fleas, ticks and tapeworms that can transmit disease to people. * Detect Early Signs of Illness. Groomers can alert you to illnesses such as ear infections, tooth decay and skin cancer. Early detection and treatment can lead to more successful treatment outcomes. * Make Your Pet more enjoyable to cuddle 
while you relax, a groomer creates a clean, soft, sweet-smelling and more kissable companion.

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