Dog grooming services includes:

2 Baths, brushing, teeth brushing, nails trimming, ears cleaning + scissoring and/or clippering. 

Nails $15 free with full grooming.

Prices starting at:
Small dog        (0- 20lbs)     $50 
Medium Dog   (20-40lbs)     $60 
Large dog       (40 -60lbs)    $90
We are not accepting dogs over 70lbs
Cat     $75                                                     

Tax included

Cat grooming includes:

Includes bath, ears cleaning, nails trimming, brush and hair grooming.

Nails $15, free with full grooming.

If your dog or cat is aggressive and/or difficult, we will give your fur baby a break resulting in a longer grooming occuring an extra $20 charge.  


Prices may vary depending of the hair condition.


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